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Gas and Boiler Leaks

Gas and boiler leaks Glasgow services are something everybody with a boiler in their home should take very seriously. A boiler can start leaking due to a number of reasons. Poor installation, old fittings, incorrect settings etc. can also result in a leaky boiler. Even using the wrong type of piping can be an issue. Water pooling in any part of your home is never an ideal situation because this can aggravate corrosion in metals and also damage wood. If you have such materials near the boiler, they could suffer serious damage. However, when steam or hot water leaks from your boiler, it also means that there is heat going to waste and this means you’re paying for energy that you’re not using. Your central heating system will also not like the pressure fluctuations that such a system can experience.

However, a leaking boiler only presents a serious problem after some time. A gas leak is a more serious and immediate problem. Gases used to fuel boils in most homes are highly flammable. Even a spark caused by turning on a light can ignite these gases and this makes gas leaks a very serious safety risk. You can’t postpone dealing with a gas leak and you should have it corrected as soon as you detect it.

Eco Efficient is the type of company that you’ll want to be working with when you need gas and boiler leaks Glasgow services. We have a very good understanding of the safety risk in situations such as gas leaks and our people have been well trained to deal with such issues. We know the precautions we need to take to keep you and your property safe and we don’t overlook anything before we start working. We also respond quickly when we are called in to handle such issues and this matters since you’ll want the problem corrected as soon as possible.

Our service engineers are certified by Gas Safe. This is the body that ensures that people who handle jobs such as this have the necessary training and experience to handle one of the most dangerous things in any household. Our people are also very well trained in troubleshooting leaking boilers. Leakages are not uncommon and there are many reasons why your boiler could be leaking. Our people always try to identify the main cause of these issues to ensure so you don’t have to.

Our services also extend to commercial buildings in Glasgow although many of our clients are individual homeowners. Although the stakes are higher in a large commercial building, our people have the skills needed to take care of the situation adequately. Call us today if you need our services within Glasgow or the nearby areas. You can always expect a prompt response.

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